Meet Our Doctors

Doctors Podvia and Stanford met during their freshman year at dental school at the University of Florida. After becoming part of the same circle of friends, they quickly kindled a friendship with one another. Friendship came easily for them because of their similar personalities and outlooks on life.

Over the years, doctors Podvia and Stanford contemplated building a dental practice together. In November 2006, their dream came to life when they purchased a practice in north Jacksonville, Florida.

Their vision expanded, with the doctors seeking a larger, more updated facility to provide an even higher quality of care for their patients. In February 2013, Podvia & Stanford relocated into a modernized facility at the corner of New Berlin and Yellow Bluff roads (in the Oceanway area).

Just as they expected those many years ago, their early friendship blossomed into a unified pairing of two dentists with similar work ethics and dedication to the utmost quality of care for their patients.


Meet Dr. Kristan David Podvia

Meet Dr. Alisha Stanford